The Practice Optimizer Experience: A New Tool to Prepare a Dental Practice for Sale. in 3-5 years

ddsmatch has been successfully connecting dentists’ present with their future for ten years. A major factor in our success are our proven processes, which are continually revised with new information from each dental office transition that we facilitate. Continuing this tradition, we are pleased to announce our newest program, the Practice Optimizer Experience. If you are thinking about placing your dental practice for sale, this program can be invaluable to you as you prepare, plan and prioritize for your future transition.

Below, we’ll briefly outline each step of the process.

The Practice Optimizer Experience—Helping Dentists Plan and Prepare for a Future 

Step 1: Conceptual Transition Experience

In this first step, your ddsmatch dental practice transition specialist will help you visualize your future, set achievable goals for your transition and afterward, and devise strategies to start you in the direction of your post-transition dreams, well in advance of your intended transition timeframe.

Step 2: Trusted Valuation Analysis

Your dental practice will be analyzed twice by Certified Valuation Analysts with dental industry expertise. Their findings are fair, reliable, and, importantly, respected by banking institutions. At ddsmatch, we’ve partnered with the professionals at Blue & Co. to provide our valuation analyses. This step is an important part of your wealth management planning. The first analysis will be at the beginning of the process. The second analysis will be when you are ready to actually start your practice transition and move on to our Trusted Transition Process.

Step 3: Ideal Retirement Calculation

For this step, ddsmatch has partnered with HK Financial Services to conduct a Retirement Check-Up. This is a financial review of all of your investments and projected future income to establish security in the timing and planning for your future transition. This can be done in tandem with your current advisor or as a supplemental third-party opinion. However you prefer to approach it, it’s an important step toward your ideal future.

Step 4:  Estate Preparedness Gameplan

Your ddsmatch practice transition specialist will refer you to a local experienced and reliable attorney with expertise in wills, trusts, and estates, to update or create the essential legal documents that will protect your practice assets and value in the event of an unforeseen death or disability. 

Step 5: Dental Insurance Navigator

Before you place your dental practice for sale, ddsmatch will arrange for a comprehensive and customized consultation with Shelley DeGroff of Integrative Dental Solutions, a PPO Advisor on the current dental insurance plans in place in your practice. Ms. DeGroff will advise on new insurance plans to consider adding to your practice, or plans to discontinue to achieve your ideal payer mix. Ms. DeGroff and her company have established relationships with insurance companies and their representatives that allow them to be in a unique position to negotiate terms to increase your revenue, with established success nationwide.

Step 6: Clinical Opportunity Blueprint

Using Dr. Charles Blair’s “Practice Booster Clinical Treatment Analyzer,” we reveal your practice’s potential in a 70-page report. This report functions as a blueprint of opportunities, detailing production mix and intensity, new patient flow, and more. This step allows you to maximize the opportunities for growth in your practice.

Step 7: Critical Metrics Analysis

Importantly, the analysis of your practice is not static, but evolving. We will provide you with the Practice in Your Pocket Ongoing Report, a customized practice report on critical items conveniently delivered to your phone, tablet, or workstation. This report will be a guide to keep your practice producing at a high level. An annual review of the results is included as part of the analysis.

Step 8: The Trusted Transition Process

When the time is right, your ddsmatch practice transition specialist will start you on the Trusted Transition Process. This process provides a clear and consistent path to help you transition your practice, while maintaining the legacy you have worked so hard to establish. We offer a complete range of professional services, which includes a full business valuation, to provide reliable information and counsel from the start of your transition to the successful finish.

Let ddsmatch Help You Prepare Your Dental Practice for Sale

Here at ddsmatch Southwest, we are excited about this new opportunity to better help doctors considering placing their dental practice for sale in Texas and New Mexico. The Practice Optimizer Experience will be of great value as you set your future goals and map out the path to achieve them. The Practice Optimizer fee will be refunded against any fees for the future transition. Contact us today to learn how you can get started.