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The dentist’s job is multi-faceted, primarily focused on taking care of people—both their patients, and their staff. At the same time, a dentist is also a business person, working to build a profitable asset. When it’s time to list your established dental practice for sale, you have many levels of concerns and complex details to attend to. You want the transition to be mutually beneficial for all people involved, while still making sure that patients and staff are taken care of properly.

While there are many aspects of life where a DIY solution makes sense, selling a dental practice isn’t one of them. Buyers and sellers looking for a stress-free transition need a knowledgeable transition partner to ensure the success of all parties. Your professional dental transitions team helps you:

Keep Track of the Details When Selling a Dental Practice

A business exit is successful when it is carefully planned with attention to every detail. Our advisors help dentists who have an established dental practice for sale decide on the right price and the best timing for their practice’s transition. We connect you to our wide network of qualified buyers, and direct you to advisors, attorneys, and accountants who will help you set goals and create the strategies that keep transition in your control.

Find the Perfect Match

Our team at ddsmatch Southwest understands that finding the right match between seller and buyer is essential to maintain the integrity of the practice. Finding a qualified buyer requires more than just making a business deal. It is entrusting your reputation and the care of your staff to a new dentist. We connect those selling a dental practice with our large network of buyers to give you a better chance of finding that perfect match that will support the continued existence of your practice along with its staff, patients, and community.

Make the Transition Smooth for All Involved

An established dental practice represents a legacy of care and service in the community. It involves not only a dentist, but also the patients and staff they’ve worked with over the years. Especially when a dental practice has been involved in a community for a long time, people familiar with the practice have personal ties to the business beyond just routine check-ups.  ddsmatch Southwest understands the importance of matching a dentist selling a dental practice with a buyer ready to comfortably step into their shoes and enjoy a stable career move.

Posting your practice for sale means a change for everyone involved. It’s much more complex than simply putting up a for-sale sign. A transition partner keeps details in order, makes the deal clear for everyone, makes sure every question is asked, and offers knowledgeable support through the entire process. Look for a trusted partner with experience, and take the time to find out why dentists like you choose ddsmatch Southwest as their caring partner for unsurpassed care and service.